What is the WOW facial?

The WOW Facial is the ultimate WOW factor treatment. It's 90 minutes and 6 stages of pure skin nirvana using the most advanced skincare technologies, carefully designed and meticulously ordered. The skin is left glowing luminous and regenerated ready to WOW the moment you strut out of the clinic.

The WOW facial is a 6-stage transformation treatment that concentrates on many layers of the skin to give ultimate results. The 6 stages are:

A gentle skin peel, an introduction of essential acids to resurface the skin.

Dermaplaning, removal of peach fuzz and dead skin cells.

WOW Fusion Needling. We use an individual skin cocktail of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, growth factors, and other ingredients to redensify and rehydrate your skin. these are delivered through this unique micro-diffusion device.


Dermalux LED light therapy to even your skin tone and stimulate collagen production.

WOW mask, a professional strength mask with peptides.

Element protection from pollution and UV rays including cosmeceuticals and SPF 50.