Training Date

Trainer Name.

1. The booking process & communication prior to training was clear.

2. I was asked for my learning objectives at the beginning of the session.

3. The presentation was clear & relevant.

4. The strategy for treatment planning was clearly explained.

5. The anatomical considerations, for the area being treated, were clearly explained.

6. The trainer was engaging throughout the demonstration, explaining their actions in detail for each stage of the treatment.

7. I fully understood what product was being used & why throughout the day.

8. The trainer was approachable & made me feel at ease.

9. The trainer was able to answer all my questions.

10. I feel confident using the technique shown, with patients in my daily practice.

11. The session included a debrief, with time to ask questions before finishing.

12. My learning objectives were met.

13. The overall structure of the day worked well.

14. I would recommend Lioness Medical training courses.

15. What did you like best about the training day?

16. Whats aspects of the training could be improved?

17. Any further comments?

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