October Newsletter

October Newsletter

What is Lip Filler?
The Lip Filler we use at Lioness Medical is made of hyaluronic acid which is essentially water and sugar molecules, with a little preservative and sticking agent to make the product last.
These types of filler create shape, definition, fullness and add hydration to the lips in order to maximise their beauty.
They can also be used in the lines at the corners of the mouth (marionettes) or the lipstick lines (peri-oral) to lift a sad or droopy mouth, or soften the lines of ageing.

Treatments with hylauronic acid fillers are not permanent, making them ideal for those who would like to change up their appearance without making any long-term commitments

Types of Lip Filler?
There are many different types of lip filler available. The most popular ones today are made of Hyaluronic Acid (because they are temporary and reversible) but they can also be made of other ingredients, such as collagen.
Some common filler brands include:

How are Lip Fillers Administered?
Before your appointment, you will have a consultation to establish what you want to achieve with your cosmetic enhancement. This is your time to let your nurse know your preferences on volume and shape, and also discuss any concerns you may have.
Your practitioner will then give their professional advice on what they believe is the best product and volume for you.
On the day of your appointment, you can choose to have a topical numbing agent applied to the lips, or a complete nerve block; which greatly anesthetizes your lower face (not for everyone because it makes you feel so numb you think you’ve been to the dentist!)
Our aim is always to reduce any discomfort you may feel and we think we are extremely talented at this 🙂
Your nurse will use the safest techniques to perform your treatment, which means that we opt for the no-needle cannula method.
Cannulas are much safer than needles and give beautiful results (with much less risk of bruising, infection or having product injected anywhere except for where it ought to be).

How long do Lip Fillers last?
Lip fillers can last up to 18 months. However, this is largely dependent on how much filler was placed, where it was placed, as well as how quickly your body metabolises it.

Are they Safe?
Aside from minor side effects such as bruising, tenderness and swelling, lip fillers very rarely have serious side effects. Most of the horror stories you may hear come about from unregulated practitioners. Here at Lioness Medical, All our nurses have many years of Medical Professional background and you can feel confident in the fact that you are in safe hands,

Cost From £199.00

Fun Medical Lip Facts

 1) Lips are 100 times more sensitive than your finger tips.

 2) The lips dry so fast because there are no sweat glands.

3) Just like your fingerprints, your lips are completely unique. If all 7.8 billion of us on the planet did a lipstick print on to a tissue, not one print would be identical to another..

4) The lips seem pink due to the blood veins in them.

5) Lips grow thinner as you grow old due to decreased collagen production which is a vital protein giving shape to the lips.

6) The ability to whistle is related to the ”orbicularis oris” muscle around your upper lip.

7) Not only does kissing feel great but it plays an important evolutionary function. Scientists believe that locking lips enables us to get close enough to our potential mate to sniff their pheromones and exchange biological information about their suitability.

8) It seems that women are less likely to suffer from mouth cancer than men because they use make-up products such as lipstick and lip balm that contain sun protection factor (SPF) ingredients that protect the lips from harmful UV rays.

9) Lips are the only part of the body where the inside extends outside. The same mucus membrane that forms the inner lining of the mouth also makes the lips.

10) Lips express emotions. Our lips can tell someone if we are happy from a smile or sad from a frown. They can even tell someone when we are annoyed by pursed lips and in shock and awe by our open mouth. Our lips are the perfect communicator, even before we start talking.

Treatment Of The Month

Lip Enhancment

A Lip Enhancement is versatile, it can be for increasing the lip fullness, or it can be for anti-ageing purposes.
Our patients at the clinic are varying ages, with different desires and expectations; so we categorise lips into treatment for volume and shape;l or treatment for anti-ageing and re-hydrating.

Cost from £199.00 for 0.5ml or £295.00 for 1ml

Lioness Medical Website is being updated. We now have the full Alumier product range listed and also our Fresha booking system has been updated with this amazing product range.
So please do request any add on purchases of this exceptional skincare range on your next treatment and we will be happy to get these added to your invoice. Please do ask all Nurses if you have any questions or queries about the products.

Monthly Favourites

Alumier Recovery Balm

Recovering Balm is perfect for straight after a lip enhancement, as it contains healing and soothing ingredients.
This Balm is also perfect for the coming colder months due to its intense hydration, suitable for chapped lips under lipstick.

Cost: £74.50 for 50ml

Monthly Favourites

Alumier Retinol Eye Gel £54.00

Retinol Eye Gel is formulated especially for the delicate eye area and contains a pure, gentle and cutting-edge microencapsulated retinol that firms, tightens and strengthens the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This Gel is a fantastic treatment for the fine lines that surround the lips and can be used twice daily to minimise the effect of those pesky lines.

Cost £57.50 for 15ml

Lioness Medical Refer a friend Gift Voucher

Lioness Medical are offering you in the month of October a Gift Voucher to receive £20 credit against your next treatment when you refer a friend for a treatment to the value of £180 or more with the Lioness Nurses.
(No cash alternative, please print and produce this newsletter to receive with your name and your friends name)

Please note as a friendly reminder that all bookings via our Fresha booking system will only be secured by submitting card details.
The card acts as a no show or late cancellation protection and NOT a deposit or payment. All fees for the treatments booked will be taken at the end of the appointment.