Vitamin D for Winter Wellness – £195.00

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This course is for medical professionals who recognise that there are a multitude of benefits from vitamin D, some of which are commonly documented (such as reduced incidence of colds and flu). These now include the most recent summation that Vitamin D may play a role in the prevention of Covid-19.
Vitamin D is often described as the “sunshine vitamin”, and as such is not always available in countries like the United Kingdom, whereby we have reduced light from September to March.
There are also several patient populations (e.g. those who wear clothing that covers their skin for religious reasons, those who are restricted to indoor living, and patients who follow a diet deficient in Vitamin D) who will benefit from supplementation.
This course explores both oral and IM injection dosing options.

Course content:

> What is improved wellness?

> What is Vitamin D and why do we need it?

> Who is at risk of Vitamin D deficiency

> Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency

> Should we be using blood tests to diagnose Vitamin D deficiency?

> Sources of Vitamin D

> Pharmacodynamics

> Pharmacokinetics

> Dosing

> Potential side-effects & Contraindications

> Equipment List

> Charging patients for this treatment

> Purchasing & Costs

> References

> Consent form

You will be sent the course as a beautifully presented work book, a certification of completion and added to a WhatsApp support group run by the author; to share learning and ask questions in a safe, medical only environment.

What qualifications do I need?

The following professionals are covered in our insurance to be trained:

Dental Hygienist/Therapist
Dental Nurse
Pharmacy Assistants

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Paying for the course:

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